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Managed Enterprise Digital Media Services 

  • SCS provides services that enable clients to introduce video as another media format for distance education, point of sale presentations, meetings, training or communication, without directly taking on design, implementation and management responsibilities. Clients can quickly incorporate video-rich applications as part of their normal business process.  

 Content Production 

  • SCS offers clients complete oversight of production from creative concept through shooting, editing and distribution of the final product through traditional distribution methods and across varied new technology media platforms. All projects are originated on high definition digital formats, achieving peak picture quality allowing for multiple applications including: transfer to 35mm film, high definition broadcast, DVD distribution, digital downloads and Internet streaming.                             
Content Hosting and Distribution 

  • SCS provides a wide range of media hosting services including digitizing, cataloging, storage, and distribution of content on various formats including downloading and streaming. SCS delivers high-quality digital audio and video downloads, streaming content and live streaming, enabling clients to distribute content to a multiple of appliances including in-house networks, computers, i-Pads and i-Pods and other content networks.           

Digital Asset Management 

  • SCS works with clients to identify, protect, repurpose and leverage digital media assets. By creating leveraged relationships with industry leading media and entertainment companies, our team is able to maximize your digital asset investment and value.  



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